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Land Lovers
     All meals served with garden salad or coleslaw,
     choice of potato or rice, and homemade rolls.
     Sweet potato fries available.

Fried Chicken
      Four pieces of honey-touched crispy fried chicken

Delmonico Steak
      12 ounce Delmonico steak seasoned with our
        house blend and grilled to your liking.

Homestyle Turkey Dinner
      Juicy white meat turkey breast,
        homemade whipped potatos, dressing,
        gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Tozier's Favorites
        All meals served with garden salad or coleslaw,
        choice of potato or rice, and homemade rolls.
        Sweet potato fries or onion rings available.

 - Lobster Tail
      Sweet lobster meat served with drawn butter.

- Broiled Haddock or Scallops
      Fresh Haddock filet or fresh Sea Scallops
      drizzled with a homemade basil butter and
      broiled to perfection.

- Salmon
      Salmon filet poached in a seasoned broth
      and topped with our creamy cucumber dill sauce.

- Baked stuffed Haddock
      Fresh Haddock filet topped with garlic Ritz cracker,
      seafood and parmesan stuffing, drizzled with
      sherry and baked until crispy

- Baked stuffed Sea Scallops
      Sea Scallops sautéed until caramelized, topped
      with our buttery Ritz cracker and seafood stuffing and
      baked to perfection.

- Fisherman Platter Stripped
      Stripped Clams, Sea Scallops, Jumbo Shrimp
      and Haddock fried to absolute perfection

- Fisherman Platter Whole
      Whole Clams, Sea Scallops, Jumbo Shrimp and
      Haddock fried to absolute perfection.

- Jumbo Fried Shrimp
      Sweet, fried shrimp served with cocktail sauce.

- Haddock- Fried
      Fresh Haddock filet fried to golden brown perfection.

Vermont Department of Health advises consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.







Tozier's Employees; Mariah Stearns, Danielle Novotny, and Hillary Whitaker, before the Whitcomb Prom.


- New England Clam Chowder
- Shrimp Cocktail
- JD Onion Rings
- Breaded Mushrooms
- Fried Calamari
  Shrimp and Crabmeat stuffing, topped with lobster sauce

Served with French Fries.

- Toziers Lobster Roll
- Ipswich Whole Clam Roll
- Ipswich Stripped Clam Roll
- Ipswich Scallop Roll
- Haddock Sandwich
- BBQ Ranch Burger
- Hamburger/Cheeseburger
- Grilled Chicken Sandwich
- Hot Turkey Sandwich
- Chicken Fingers or wrap
- BLT Sandwich or wrap
- Veggie Wrap/Garden Burger


 - Cobb
   Grilled chicken, cheddar, smoked bacon, egg
 - Crispy Chicken
   Chicken and cheddar cheese
- Bethel Blue
   Chicken, craisins, blue cheese, walnuts, and apple

Fried Seafood
Served with choice of potato, salad/coleslaw, and homemade rolls

 - Stripped Clams
 - Whole Clams
 - Sea Scallops
 - Oysters
 - Fish -n- Chips